With the increasing popularity of restorative skin treatments such as laser, IPL, wrinkle relaxers and dermal fillers has also come a dramatic rise in the number of beauty spas offering these services. What many people don’t take into consideration, is that these treatments often involve the operation of a trained specialist, medical equipment and the injection of prescription medicines into the face. At Advanced Medispa Perth, our providers are our difference. Our team consists of fully qualified Cosmetic Dentists and Dermal Therapists, so you can rest assured, when visiting us, you’ll always receive expert advice and the highest quality, professionally administered services.

Before visiting any beauty spa in Perth for cosmetic skin therapies, we encourage clients to do their research and find out more about the staff who will be responsible for administering the treatments. If you needed a local anaesthetic, you’d be unlikely to visit your nearest shopping centre, and expect to encounter a trained professional, yet this is precisely what some people do when seeking cosmetic services. Treatments such as wrinkle relaxers and dermal fillers, once administered, cannot be undone so it is critical your treating doctor is fully qualified to analyse your specific concerns and administer the most appropriate treatment to achieve the best results for you.

In addition to only employing experienced and fully trained Dermal Therapists, Advanced Medispa Perth utilises the latest medical equipment, the CUTERA XEO and high quality cosmetic products such as DMK, when delivering our services. Also being Dentists, we are meticulous about the health, safety and comfort of all our clients and endeavour to make every treatment as pleasant an experience as possible.

Not just a beauty spa, Advanced Medispa Perth offers a comprehensive suite of Dermal Therapy services designed to address a huge range of skin concerns. From acne, scarring, hair removal and pigmentation through to fine lines, deep folds, dark circles and dull looking skin, we offer expert advice and the best, most cost-effective solutions to achieve your most beautiful skin.

Regardless of your skin concerns, the qualified team at Advanced Medispa can work with you to deliver amazing results. Start the journey towards achieving your own skin transformation and discover more about our advanced skin treatment options today.

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