Facials and Chemical Peels in Perth

Facial chemical peels, sometimes just called facials, are treatments that can improve the appearance and health of your skin by removing older and damaged surface layers to reveal the rejuvenated skin underneath. At Advanced Medispa Perth, our qualified Dermal and Beauty Therapists utilise a range of different chemical peel products depending on each individual client’s skin and the results they are trying to achieve.

Prior to administering any chemical peel treatment, we conduct a careful skin analysis to ensure the product we recommend will deliver maximum benefits whilst also safeguarding your skin from any unnecessary trauma. Our Dermal Therapists are accredited to administer products of varying strength and, if you’re trying chemical peels for the first time, your treatment plan is likely to be gradually increased in strength as your tolerance is built up.

Also offering cosmetic dental services, Advanced Medispa is renowned, not only for our highly trained and professional therapists, but also for our absolute commitment to the health, safety and comfort of our clients. Regardless of which treatment you’re after, we guarantee to use only the highest quality ingredients and the latest, medical-grade equipment.

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Facials and Chemical Peels in Perth

Facial chemical peels make use of specialised, therapeutic ingredients such as alpha hydroxy acids to gently and effectively fight against aging, pigmentation and acne as well as to keep the skin looking smooth, youthful and blemish free.

The use of chemical peels as a beauty treatment can be traced back to Cleopatra and the Ancient Romans and is regarded as a beneficial and reliable treatment by many clients. Their ability to treat a wide variety of concerns and to transform skin from looking dull and lifeless to radiant and youthful in a short period makes them a popular choice at Advanced Medispa.

Facial peels can be categorised as superficial, medium or deep and their strength will determine the results produced as well as how regularly they can be undertaken. For this reason, when considering a chemical peel, it is imperative to ensure you’re dealing with a trained professional who is adept at analysing your skin concerns and recommending the best treatment options for you. Advanced Medispa Perth employs only fully trained Dermal Therapists who can offer expert advice around the different chemical peel options and ensure your treatment plan is tailored specifically to deliver the best outcomes for you.

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Facials and Chemical Peels in Perth

The chemical peel process involves cleansing the skin prior to application of a safe, chemical solution which will cause the skin to regenerate and shed its top layer over the following days. Once the regeneration has occurred, the newly revealed skin is treated with nourishing moisturisers and results in a fresh, glowing complexion.

Advanced Medispa’s chemical peels can be used to improve a wide range of skin concerns including fine lines, minor sun damage, wrinkles, mild scars, pigmentation and certain types of acne. They are also beneficial in improving the overall tone, texture and appearance of the skin.

With a variety of different strengths available, your Advanced Medispa Dermal Therapist will carefully assess your skin, as well as your treatment goals, to recommend the most appropriate strength for you. Multiple treatments are encouraged to produce optimal results and the strength of chemical peel used will determine how far apart each treatment is spaced.

Following your chemical peel, it is important to protect your skin from the harsh Perth sun and your Dermal Therapist will offer guidelines on how to get the best out of your treatment.

Facials and Chemical Peels in Perth

Most clients don’t regard chemical peels as overly uncomfortable however the level of discomfort experienced will vary between clients and will also be affected by the strength of your specific treatment. Some clients report feeling some mild discomfort or tingling as the chemical peel is applied however this tends to subside quickly and passes as the neutraliser is added or once the peel is washed off. Stronger chemical peels generally cause greater discomfort due to penetrating deeper into the skin however your Advanced Medispa Dermal Therapist will discuss the best treatment options for you as well as the likely discomfort levels of each option.

Skin tends to be more sensitive in the days following a chemical peel, so we always recommend increased sun protection to guard your skin against the effects of the harsh, Perth sun. Our experienced Dermal Therapists will provide detailed care instructions for you to follow after your treatment to ensure you are properly protected and maximise the benefits of your chemical peel.

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