DMK Skin Tightening Treatments

As skin ages, elasticity is reduced and can result in skin appearing looser and less plump. Specific concerns such as wrinkles, sagging jowls and cellulite build-up can result in looking older than you feel.

At Advanced Medispa, we utilise the latest technology and internationally renowned remedies, such as DMK Enzyme Therapy and DMK Muscle Banding to significantly firm and tighten the skin by targeting problem areas below its surface. By addressing the symptoms of aging skin through strengthening of the muscles, encouraging lymphatic drainage and boosting circulation, significant improvements can be made not only in the immediate appearance of the skin, but also its long-term strength and resilience.

The qualified Dermal Therapists at Advanced Medispa are fully qualified to deliver a range of skin tightening and sculpting treatments for both the face and body and we offer highly competitive rates at three convenient locations across Perth.

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DMK Skin Tightening Treatments

At Advanced Medispa, our trained Dermal Therapists reply on a variety of scientifically based cosmetic treatments to deliver significant skin tightening and sculpting effects for both the face and body.

DMK Enzyme Therapy
DMK Enzyme Therapy works to internally improve the function of your skin rather than merely addressing issues from a superficial stand-point. It involves deep exfoliation and the use of strengthening and firming enzymes to increase circulation and lymphatic drainage which result in firmer and more resilient skin. Collagen production is stimulated which rejuvenates the skin’s surface and creates increased glow and an overall ‘plumping’ effect. DMK Enzyme Therapy can be used to treat a variety of skin concerns including cellulite, fluid retention, acne, pigmentation, dry skin and poor circulation.

DMK Muscle Banding
DMK Muscle Banding is used to treat sagging skin at the muscular level and is ideal for improving the appearance of jowls and nasolabial folds. The treatment works in the same way that exercise does by physically strengthening the weak muscles of the face and neck which are contributing to the sagging effect. A mask is applied and specific muscles are ‘banded’ together to strengthen them. Repeated fortnightly treatments target the memory capability of muscles to tighten and tone the skin longer-term.

Vichy Shower Body Treatments
Advanced Medispa Perth’s Vichy Shower involves lying on a cushioned bed whilst your entire body is massaged by multiple, powerful hydro-jets. Whilst enjoyable and relaxing, this amazing treatment delivers many health and beauty benefits including increased blood flow to the skin, hydration and detoxification of the skin, building muscle tone, reducing stress and boosting of circulation to awaken and strengthen the whole body’s immune system. Advanced Medispa offers a variety of Vichy Shower body treatments including salt scrubs and body wraps to strengthen and tighten skin whilst restoring a healthy glow to the entire body.

DMK Skin Tightening Treatments

Advanced Medispa Perth offers a variety of different treatments designed to firm and tone skin on the face, neck and body by targeting concerns at a cellular level. These treatments tend to be non-invasive, non-irritating and generally quite relaxing.

Treatments can involve the use of facial masks, body wraps, salt scrubs and Vichy Shower hydrotherapy all designed to encourage detoxification, deep hydration, muscle strengthening, collagen production and boosting of circulation. After discussing your specific concerns and treatment goals as well as and analysing problem areas, your Advanced Medispa Dermal and Beauty Therapist can tailor a skin tightening treatment programme designed to deliver the most effective results for you.

DMK Skin Tightening Treatments

Restorative treatments designed to firm and strengthen the skin such as DMK Enzyme Therapy masks are generally a very pleasant experience with no irritation or discomfort. In fact, they are suitable for even the most sensitive of skin types and ideal for use post-surgery or post injectables to reduce swelling and inflammation, whilst encouraging healing and new cell growth.

Our DMK Muscle Banding is treatment is administered via a facial mask in a similar way to the DMK Enzyme Therapy. This is also a comfortable treatment despite what can be described as a mild tightening sensation as certain muscle groups are ‘pulled’ towards each other under the mask.

If you are considering skin firming and tightening treatments in Perth, contact Advanced Medispa where our qualified and experienced Dermal Therapists would be happy to discuss the benefits of these amazing treatments with you.

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